It has been a while

As people might have noticed... I haven't done anything with this site over the last year+, this won't change any time soon.
I have been very busy IRL and will be for quite a long while.

I am keeping the site up for my images, I know people enjoy them and I might find a new use for the website eventually.. but I am done with photoshop and won't release new images, nor start new projects here.

Thank you to everyone that is enjoying the website, I disabled the ability to register and this site is currently more an archive then anything else.

Edit; I also reset all content counters, so it might take a bit before the popular content tab returns.

Upgraded PC and some updates

So I finally got my new PC parts and upgraded my PC, only issue at the moment is that the memory I got was faulty, so have to send it back.
I will not be able to stream until I have my memory, sadly.

Due to windows fucking up, I lost my C drive and had to reinstall and I lost my Rainmeter skin. I will have to start from scratch again.
Luckily I did have some of the images still, so atleast I don't have to remake those.

I hope to make and release a skin within the next month or so, depending on how busy I will be with other stuff.


My sister in law is doing something new on facebook that she is very excited about.
It's a web-magazine about all things classic; Cars, art, clothing, games, jewelry etc.
Please go check it out and like/follow if you enjoy it!

If you are interested in something like this, please check out her page at:

Cover art by: Dennis "Xanquador" Plaggenborg

Plans for the future..

Over the coming weeks I will try to bring out more content.

I'm planning on finishing up my Rainmeter skin, work on some backgrounds when I get inspiration to do so and probably update the site more actively again.
I just got my new mouse (it's amazing!) and fixed some PC issues I had, so I will try and finish up the loadscreens for WoW already (I know, I know.. so friggin late.. but I do want to finish it).

Funny how life goes...

You think you have found a group of people that you feel comfortable with, have fun with, play games with and spend a lot of time for to help them and then out of the blue things happen that make you wonder why you are trying so hard to help them.
You keep telling yourself that it might just be you, that things will change because you just want to feel like you matter... even if its for a very small goal.

Well... this kinda sums up the last 6-9 months for me.

Drupal 7.10 and new skin

Okay, so I figured that I could atleast release the new website I've been working on for a while.

This will probably get more update over the course of this year, seeing as I have to check for security issues etc.
If you find problems, please let me know in the comments or though my twitter/facebook.

Hope everyone enjoys the new layout and image galleries.

Tired, so off to bed <3

New content

So yea, been working on updating the website, searching new features, creating new layouts and building image albums blabla...
long story short, the website got some new stuff.

I'm gonna use the blogs for my short stories, poetry and such.. but still need to figure out how to sort everything out in a decent manner.
Still not sure if I'm gonna stick to this drupal version honestly, might just as well update my 6.x to this theme and change some things around to reach a -most likely- faster working site, but time will tell, I'm still enjoying fooling around in this.

Welcome to

I, Dharion, am proud to present a Drupal 7.8 based website~

It will take some time to work out stuff, but over time this will become the new main website. GG me for actually doing some work.

Over the coming months, this website will transform into a new community platform that will cooperate closely with GamingInvaded.

Please be patient as always as I sort things out here.