Funny how life goes...

You think you have found a group of people that you feel comfortable with, have fun with, play games with and spend a lot of time for to help them and then out of the blue things happen that make you wonder why you are trying so hard to help them.
You keep telling yourself that it might just be you, that things will change because you just want to feel like you matter... even if its for a very small goal.

Well... this kinda sums up the last 6-9 months for me.

The Vampire

For ages he had lived, a being scared of the light
His strange feeding habits were giving people fright
His long golden hair made him look untame
always prowling the landscapes, looking for new game.

Then he saw this rare beauty, glistering in his eye
She danced and laughed so shining, making him afraid to die
Her radiance captivated him, sweeping him off his feet
and when she noticed him staring, she came to give a greet.

They talked for a while in silence and walked away together

Alucard was his name.

A vampire I know, Alucard is his name.
Hunting for people was part of his game.
His father is known all through the world,
his skin is pale white and his hair is curled.

His mother was human and taught him a lot,
but at times through hunger, some things he forgot.
For humans were sacred to his mom's believes
but still he ate villains, thugs and few thiefs.

He felt he did good, he felt he was great
for luring those bastards with gold coins as bait.
The people that knew him.. they did not care,

A Life lesson

When you are in pain or when you are alone,
think of the one that you love to the bone.
for happiness feeds you with feelings of bliss,
it is like that feeling while receiving a kiss.

Be who you are and say what you feel,
do not try to hide it behind a wall of steel.
for you are amazing and fit for a king,
if you walk past birdies, they cant help but sing

You shine and you glitter, so purely and bold
you are more precious then any amount of gold.
go out there and live, feel good and make love

Attack of the Unknown.

And there she was.. standing at the gates of the keep. Her long black hair dancing in the wind while softly caressing her pale skin, her bordeaux dress draping over the stone floor, the gold lining glittering in the sunlight. She was beautiful, like a Queen should be. 'Are you alright my Queen?' asked the knight kneeling at her feet. 'Yes... but i have this strange feeling when I look at the sky, almost as if this age that we know will come to an end.' The knight looked up at his queen with a slight smile on his face. 'My lady, please do not worry.