Funny how life goes...

You think you have found a group of people that you feel comfortable with, have fun with, play games with and spend a lot of time for to help them and then out of the blue things happen that make you wonder why you are trying so hard to help them.
You keep telling yourself that it might just be you, that things will change because you just want to feel like you matter... even if its for a very small goal.

Well... this kinda sums up the last 6-9 months for me.
In the end shit went wrong and I finally decided that what I am doing is just a waste of my time.

Even though I do really appreciate the new friends I made and the fun times we had as a 'community', it just didn't work out.
Now I'm kinda at a loss, not sure what to fill my time with, not sure what to do next and where to hang out.

Welcome to the internet I guess... maybe it's about time to honestly get a life -aside from the stuff I do online- but knowing that whats out there is basically the same... guess I just got slapped back to reality.


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I know that feeling been on that roller coaster for 3 years :/