L4D1 Autoexec.cfg // Demo Rec // Vid Making

People keep asking me if i can tell them how to play Versus alone, or to record demos etc, so i figured I'd make a post about it here.
I'll try to explain every command the best i can.

  • hud_takesshots "1"
    Makes the game take automatic screenshots after a round. These screenshots get saved in "Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\screenshots\"
  • sv_search_max_ping "80"
  • Lets the client not connect to games with higher ping then input here.

  • bind "KP_ENTER" "soloversus"
    alias "soloversus" "sv_cheats 1;mp_gamemode versus;director_force_versus_start;sb_all_bot_team 1;jointeam 3"

    Makes you able to run a solo versus game.
    You will have to restart the map or vote a new one to make the versus settings load properly. If you disable sv_cheats and you only have bots on the survivor team, the round will be automatically ended with you winning.
  • bind "F8" "record l4demo-a"
    Pressing F8 will record a file called l4demo-a.dem in your L4D Folder. You can replay this file in L4D by typing 'playdemo l4demo-a' in the console.
    Please remember that demos will record persistently through the entire game.
    You wont have to press it each round. The console will automatically add _1 through _5+ behind the demo name for each 2 rounds (inf and surv for each map). If you want to record more games, you will need to rename the demos first, or use a different 'playdemo' command. sadly L4D overwrites demos without checking and i haven't found a way yet to get them date coded.

    If you know the Community Autoexec.cfg that is released on multiple L4D sites, you might recognize this;

    bind "F8" "r.on"
    bind "F9" "stop"
    alias "r.a" "record l4demo-a;alias r.on r.b"
    alias "r.b" "record l4demo-b;alias r.on r.c"
    alias "r.c" "record l4demo-c;alias r.on r.d"
    alias "r.d" "record l4demo-d;alias r.on r.e"
    alias "r.e" "record l4demo-e;alias r.on r.f"
    alias "r.f" "record l4demo-f;alias r.on r.g"
    alias "r.g" "record l4demo-g;alias r.on r.h"
    alias "r.h" "record l4demo-h;alias r.on r.i"
    alias "r.i" "record l4demo-i;alias r.on r.j"
    alias "r.j" "record l4demo-j;alias r.on r.k"
    alias "r.k" "record l4demo-k;alias r.on r.l"
    alias "r.l" "record l4demo-l;alias r.on r.m"
    alias "r.m" "record l4demo-m;alias r.on r.n"
    alias "r.n" "record l4demo-n;alias r.on r.o"
    alias "r.o" "record l4demo-o;alias r.on r.p"
    alias "r.p" "record l4demo-p;alias r.on r.q"
    alias "r.q" "record l4demo-q;alias r.on r.r"
    alias "r.r" "record l4demo-r;alias r.on r.s"
    alias "r.s" "record l4demo-s;alias r.on r.t"
    alias "r.t" "record l4demo-t;alias r.on r.u"
    alias "r.u" "record l4demo-u;alias r.on r.v"
    alias "r.v" "record l4demo-v;alias r.on r.w"
    alias "r.w" "record l4demo-w;alias r.on r.x"
    alias "r.x" "record l4demo-x;alias r.on r.y"
    alias "r.y" "record l4demo-y;alias r.on r.z"
    alias "r.z" "record l4demo-z;alias r.on r.a"
    alias "r.on" "r.a"

    This is my own version of their incremental demo recording system.
    Mine is much less code and does practically the same.
    F8 starts recording, F9 stops it.

    Please keep in mind that incremental recording only works as long as you didn't restart your L4D, if you restart the game, the autoexec.cfg gets reloaded thus resetting the incrementation to A.

  • bind "KP_PLUS" "startmovie l4demo-name tga wav"
    Command to record demos to video material. I personally use the TGA format to get a series of numbered images, instead of AVI or JPG. (JPG has known issues of giving wrong color)
  • bind "KP_MINUS" "endmovie"
    Command to stop the startmovie command
  • bind "[" "demo.settings"
    alias "demo.settings" "sv_cheats 1;r_drawvgui 0"

    Removes the entire GUI for video making, INCLUDING THE +1's
  • bind "]" "normal.settings"
    alias "normal.settings" "sv_cheats 0;r_drawvgui 1"

    Resets the GUI for gameplay.
  • rate "30000"
    cl_timeout "45"
    cl_interp "0.0"
    cl_updaterate "101"
    cl_cmdrate "101"

    These are my network based settings in my cfg... i'm not sure how to explain them, but they work for my internet.. see what it can do for you :)
    I got these settings from some league players (mainly Surgical his podcasts) so i trust them to be right.

This is it for now, if there are any questions, feel free to ask me on my email @ dharion@drahl.com