Upgraded PC and some updates

So I finally got my new PC parts and upgraded my PC, only issue at the moment is that the memory I got was faulty, so have to send it back.
I will not be able to stream until I have my memory, sadly.

Due to windows fucking up, I lost my C drive and had to reinstall and I lost my Rainmeter skin. I will have to start from scratch again.
Luckily I did have some of the images still, so atleast I don't have to remake those.

I hope to make and release a skin within the next month or so, depending on how busy I will be with other stuff.

I'm sad to say that the WoW screens will not be finished, if someone is interested in resuming what I have already done, I could release the loadscreens as separate files instead of a patch. Let me know through admin[at]drahl.com if so please.