Plans for the future..

Over the coming weeks I will try to bring out more content.

I'm planning on finishing up my Rainmeter skin, work on some backgrounds when I get inspiration to do so and probably update the site more actively again.
I just got my new mouse (it's amazing!) and fixed some PC issues I had, so I will try and finish up the loadscreens for WoW already (I know, I know.. so friggin late.. but I do want to finish it).

Drupal 7.10 and new skin

Okay, so I figured that I could atleast release the new website I've been working on for a while.

This will probably get more update over the course of this year, seeing as I have to check for security issues etc.
If you find problems, please let me know in the comments or though my twitter/facebook.

Hope everyone enjoys the new layout and image galleries.

Tired, so off to bed <3